Information and Communications Technology Policy

August 7, 2005By @BahamasFSBE-Business & ICT

**e-Government**: The Government of The Bahamas has signed an agreement with the Government of Canada for consulting services relating to the acceleration of e-government throughout the Bahamian public service. The agreement was signed recently at the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Trade in Ottawa, Canada and under its terms, the Canadian Government’s Department of Consulting … Read More

National Information and Communications Framework

June 7, 2005By @BahamasFSBE-Business & ICT

In its 2005/2006 Budget Communication to Parliament, the Government forecast the establishment of an NIC framework – in part to address the recognised challenge of ensuring the nation’s human and physical capital structure is in place to accommodate and then maximise the benefits of the upsurge in the economy. Reportedly, the Ministry of Finance is … Read More

Electronic Banking Guidelines

April 19, 2005By @BahamasFSBE-Business & ICT

The Central Bank has released draft Guidelines for Electronic Banking Activities of its licensees, seeking industry consultation. The Regulator says these Guidelines: • set out its approach to the supervision of licensees’ e-banking services • provide licensees with guidance on general principles for risk management of e-banking • outline suggestions for consumer education and security, … Read More

Regional Hub for Telecommunications

April 6, 2005By @BahamasFSBE-Business & ICT, Industry News

Cable Bahamas controlling shareholder Columbus Communications Ltd. and New World Network International, Ltd. announced on Monday that they have signed a letter of intent for Columbus to purchase New World Network, a leading provider of advanced, high-speed clear channel and IP services in the Caribbean region. NWN is the principal owner of the Americas Region … Read More

Data Processing Hub Potential

June 20, 2004By @BahamasFSBE-Business & ICT

The Global Information Group has established an office in Freeport, Grand Bahama. Heading the group is Ben H. Bell, III, a former Director of the Office of National Risk Assessment (ONRA) in the US Transportation Security Administration. He describes Global Information Group as a company that hopes to “fight terrorism and major international financial crimes”, … Read More

Ebusiness: A Business Strategy Component

December 4, 2003By @BahamasFSBE-Business & ICT

*”The growth of E-Business places a greater premium on strategic thinking. Use of the Internet per se cannot render a competitive advantage; rather firms that are able to build an E-Business component into their existing business strategy should be able to leverage proven capabilities for a competitive advantage. We believe this is the key to … Read More

Global ICT Ranking For The Bahamas

November 21, 2003By @BahamasFSBE-Business & ICT

Earlier this week in Geneva, the International Telecommunications Union (ITU) released the results of the first global index to rank information and communication technology (ICT) access. Apart from Canada, ranked 10th, the top ten economies are exclusively Asian and European. The Digital Access Index (DAI) distinguishes itself from other indices by including a number of … Read More

E-Commerce Legislation Enacted

June 23, 2003By @BahamasFSBE-Business & ICT

***”E-capability is essential in the provision of financial services.”*** The Hon. Allyson Maynard-Gibson, Minister of Financial Services and Investments. The Ministry of Financial Services and Investments has been given responsibility for developing The Bahamas as a choice location for offshore e-commerce business, according to Prime Minister the Hon. Perry G. Christie. Minister Maynard-Gibson also points … Read More

E-Commerce Legislation Will Create New Business Opportunities

March 31, 2003By @BahamasFSBE-Business & ICT

Three bills currently before Parliament *”are aimed at making The Bahamas a centre for excellence in e-commerce,”* says Bahamian Prime Minister the Hon. Perry G. Christie. As the convergence of the financial world and the world of commerce accelerates, The Bahamas anticipates that the e-commerce legislation will enhance the efficiency of all aspects of doing … Read More

IT Enhanced Teaching & Learning

March 7, 2003By @BahamasFSBE-Business & ICT

According to the Minister of Education, The Bahamas has reached a critical juncture in its development as the structural transformations of the Bahamian economy place the nation at the threshold of a paradigm shift, first into an information-based society and then beyond, to a knowledge-based society. Launching the Ministry’s new web site, the Hon. Alfred … Read More