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21 Jun, 2016 European Commission – New Rules to Tackle Tax Avoidance
01 Jun, 2016 Brazil, Jamaica and Uruguay Expand Capacity to Fight International Tax Avoidance and Evasion
31 May, 2016 Multilateral Instrument to Implement Tax-Treaty Related BEPS Measures
30 May, 2016 Automatic Exchange of Information
25 May, 2016 Conclusions: EU Anti-Tax Avoidance Proposals
23 May, 2016 Winning the Tax Wars: Global Solutions for Developing Countries
13 May, 2016 Tax Administrators Meet in Beijing
12 May, 2016 Financial Services Ministry Speaks Out on ICIJ Release of Database
12 May, 2016 Country-by-Country Reporting – OECD Update
11 May, 2016 5 New Countries Commit to International Standard on Tackling Tax Evasion and Avoidance
05 May, 2016 US Treasury Calls on Congress to Help Increase Financial Transparency
20 Apr, 2016 Sharing BEPS Country-By-Country Reports
19 Apr, 2016 The Platform for Collaboration on Tax
17 Apr, 2016 Promoting a Sustainable and Balanced Global Recovery – and Tax Transparency
15 Apr, 2016 G20 Financial Officials on Tax Information Sharing and Financial Transparency