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Bahamas Government: Executive Team

Friday May 11th, 2012

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Prime Minister Perry Christie

Prime Minister Perry Christie

Newly elected Prime Minister the Rt. Hon. Perry G. Christie has released the list of Ministries and his new Executive, as follows:

Ministry of Agriculture, Marine Resources and Local Government

  • Minister: The Hon. V. Alfred Gray, M.P.
  • Parliamentary Secretary: The Hon. Anthony Moss, M.P.

Ministry of Education, Science & Technology

  • Minister: Sen. The Hon. Jerome Fitzgerald, M.P.-Elect

Ministry of The Environment and Housing

  • Minister: Kendred Dorsett, M.P.-Elect

Ministry of Finance

  • Minister: The Rt. Hon. Perry G. Christie
  • Minister of State: Sen. The Hon. Michael Halkitis, M.P.-Elect
  • Consultant: James Smith CMG

Ministry of Financial Services

  • Minister: The Hon. Ryan Pinder, M.P.

Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Immigration

  • Minister: The Hon. Frederick A. Mitchell, M.P.
  • Parliamentary Secretary: Cleola Hamilton, M.P.-Elect

Ministry for Grand Bahama

  • Minister: Dr. Michael Darville, M.P.-Elect

Ministry of Health

  • Minister: Dr. Perry Gomez, M.P.-Elect

Ministry of Labour and National Insurance

  • Minister: The Hon. Shane Gibson, M.P.

Ministry of Legal Affairs/Office of the Attorney General

  • Minister/Attorney General: Senator the Hon. Allyson Maynard Gibson
  • Minister of State: Damian Gomez, M.P.-Elect

Ministry of National Security

  • Minister: The Hon. Dr. Bernard J. Nottage., M.P.
  • Minister of State: Senator the Hon. Keith Bell

Ministry of Social Services

  • Minister: The Hon. Melanie Griffin, M.P.

Ministry of Tourism

  • Minister: The Hon. Obediah Wilchcombe, M.P.

Ministry of Transport and Aviation

  • Minister: The Hon. Glenys Hanna-Martin, M.P.
  • Minister of State: Hope Strachan, M.P.-Elect

Ministry of Works and Urban Development

  • Minister: The Hon. Philip Brave Davis, M.P.
  • Parliamentary Secretary: Renward Wells, M.P.-Elect

Ministry of Youth, Sports and Culture

  • Minister: Dr. Daniel Johnson, M.P.-Elect

Office of the Prime Minister

  • Minister of State for Investments: Khaalis Rolle, M.P.-Elect

In finalising his team, PM Christie noted that his new government will begin immediately to implement the programmes set out in the Party’s Charter of Governance.

The new session of the Parliament of The Bahamas is slated to be opened on the 23rd May, at which time the Government will move for the appointment of MP-Elect Dr. Kendal Major as the next Speaker of the House of Assembly and of MP-Elect Deon Smith as Deputy Speaker. The Hon. Dr Bernard Nottage, the nation's new National Security Minister, is Government Leader in the House of Assembly, while The Hon. Dr. Hubert Minnis, M.P., is Leader of the Opposition. Senate appointments for both the Administration and the Opposition are expected in due course.